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Erna Jatta Ringström
Blåklintsvägen 3
SE-457 45 Hamburgsund


Erna Jatta Ringström is a photographer and digital artist combining some photographs into impossible and surreal scenes. This is just a small selection of her work.

Erna Jatta Ringström (born 1947) is a photographer and visual artist from Finland, Helsinki. Since 1980 based in Hamburgsund,Sweden.
Her latest art can be described as surreal world created by combining different photographs. In contrast to traditional photography she captures moments, ideas with the help of her camera and imagination. The goal is to make it look as realistic as possible even if the scene itself contains impossible elements. In the end it all comes down to problem solving, finding a way to capture the impossible.

There are no computer generated-, illustrated- or stock photos in Erna`s personal work, just complex combinations of her own photographs. It's a long process and she creates 6-8 new images a year.